Industrial companies are facing increasing difficulties in finding the right talent. Because of an unjustified bad reputation and lack of knowledge, a career working in industry is an option overlooked by many youth today. To spruce up the appeal and to educate students about the many attractive career possibilities, a group of job market professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers in the Lecco, Como and Brianza districts North of Milan are joining forces. They formed Roadjob, a platform catered to an open dialogue between the sector and students contemplating their career options. VIR HR / Kennedy Italy is one of the technical sponsors of Roadjob. They act as an intermediary between companies and the new generation with their knowledge about recruiting in general, and within this industry in particular.

New talent skills

Industry 4.0 is the name given to what is often referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution. It covers the trend of automation and computerization in manufacturing. An example is the cyber-physical systems used in factories. Because of this, typical manual labour, blue-collar jobs are outnumbered by white-collar jobs. At the same time, the new generation doesn’t consider a ‘factory job’ a viable option. Both companies and recruiters in the sector are struggling to find talent.

Daniela Colombo, recruiter and manager of VIR HR/ Kennedy Italy: “Industry 4.0 calls for a-typical talent in an industry previously dominated by labourers. There is a huge demand for entry level talent with a passion for the technical and industrial sectors, combined with strong soft skills like leadership, communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills etc. People that bring all this to the table, can look forward to a very promising career, but are currently not aware of their own potential, due to a lack of knowledge”.

Reverse Career Day

With this in mind, the main objectives for Roadjob are to inspire new generations, educate and involve them by allowing them access to companies in the sector, provide them with the right instruments and support them in an open and constructive exchange of knowledge and expectations.  One of the first events is Reverse Career Day on March 25th. The day provides students a chance to interview managers and entrepreneurs from the Industrial sector. Instead of being interviewed, they are in the main seat and are free to ask any questions they have about how companies work, what type of career opportunities there are, what companies are looking for etcetera. In return, it offers companies a chance to learn about the expectations and ambitions of the students.

The day will be structured with a job market, round table discussions with themes as ‘Working in a Factory is Cool’, ‘Facing Skills Mismatch’ and ‘Environmental Challenge’; workshops about personal branding, success stories and several presentations allowing interaction between the hosts and the audience. VIR HR / Kennedy Italy will be present at the day with a stand at the job market and as host of one of the round table discussions.


Leading up to the event, VIR HR/ Kennedy Italy hosted a workshop for high school students majoring in electronics and technics who are attending the event. The goal was to teach them about the most required soft skills needed for industry 4.0 jobs.

Colombo: “We often find that students are aiming for the highest level of education possible, without considering their true potential. A practical degree and a strong set of soft skills present career options they might not deem possible without a university degree. We hope to inspire students that have what it takes to consider a career in industry 4.0”.