Brussels, January 8, 2020 –The partners of Kennedy Executive Search, the global network of privately-owned executive search boutiques, have elected Caroline Frisenberg as their new President and Markus Unterberger as Vice President. Founder of the network Jorg Stegemann and Carl Lens will step down as President and Vice President respectively. The election is a consequence of the network’s recent transformation into an Economic Interest Group (EIG). In this new structure, all partners become equal stakeholders and together elect their leadership. The new presidency is effective January 1st.

Caroline Frisenberg heads Frisenberg J. Associates / Kennedy Executive Monaco and has been a partner in the Kennedy network for almost 4 years. This means she has seen the network grow from its early start to the global organization it is today. She has taken full advantage of what the network has to offer and teamed up with partners in a variety of cross border projects and assignments. Markus Unterberger, who is owner of Unterberger & Partner / Kennedy Frankfurt, Munich, Salzburg and Zurich, joined the network earlier last year, and has quickly demonstrated a clear and strong vision for the network and also participated in a number of global collaborations.

Together, Frisenberg and Unterberger want to gear up Kennedy for the new decade. For this, they plan to streamline how the network operates and bring in even more agility and transparency to secure easy access to information, expertise and best practices. Furthermore, they want to strengthen Kennedy’s significance and value for clients interested in gaining access to global executive search services respecting the highest industry standards and the Kennedy Partner firms alike. One of these values is a big focus on customer centricity. An example is the quick and flexible way of fulfilling customer needs and adapting to rapidly changing challenges in various markets. This is something that only small boutique firms united in a global network are able to deliver. Moreover, they want to continue to enhance brand recognition with candidates and clients alike by attending fairs, trade shows and other events. 

Frisenberg: “For both Markus and myself, being a partner in the Kennedy Network has resulted in numerous opportunities for professional as well as personal growth. We can’t thank Jorg enough for creating the network and bringing us all together. We are thrilled to take on this role and hope to bring in even more success for the Kennedy network in 2020”.

Jorg Stegemann: “Kennedy has seen significant growth and change since its foundation in 2013. We went from local to global. We transformed the French legal entity to a Belgium headquartered consortium. We have gained new partners and are larger and more cohesive in than ever. It is with pride and gratitude for what we have achieved so far that I hand over the presidency to Caroline who has shown ethics, leadership and commitment since she joined Kennedy. She is the right President to lead Kennedy for the next term and I am excited to be working with her as I am, and always was, with the entire team.”

Photo: Wayne Redovian / Kennedy Executive Denver