Who You Are

You are a retained executive search boutique firm owner with 5+ employees and 10+ years in the industry. You believe that an international footprint will allow you to better serve your clients and better position your firm. You want to be part of an international network of professionals just like you. And keep your identity whilst remaining independent

What You Get: A Global Footprint

Most partners use all destinations on their homepages, business cards and in every pitch. Our emails with all partner destinations go to 1 million people per year. Do you want to have an office in Paris, Denver or Milan? You can!

What You Get: More Present PR

You do not have enough time for Marketing and PR because operations keep you busy? We have a dedicated PR Consultant. You don’t know how to get on page 1 in google? Most of our partners are there. You want to be part of one of the top 20 networks in the world? Call us

Who We Are

We are independent executive search firms that bring together independent executive search firms and provide them with a platform to take their business to the next level. We communicate weekly on whatsapp, the phone and via email, have a monthly conference call and meet once a year. We are the international team you miss today

What You Get: Cross-Selling Opportunities

Clients enjoy working with boutique firms that have the bigger picture and know their market inside out and are aware of global trends and changes. Cross-selling here at Kennedy has helped companies and candidates all over the territories we serve and has generated more cross-selling fees for our partners than all of them ever paid to us

What You Get: A Network Of People Like You

Your challenges are not so much different from the ones your peers in other locations have. How to grow your boutique profitably? What about competition and in-house recruiters? How to attract and retain the best talent for yourself? We share best practices, trends, clients and candidates. Together we grow

Jorg Stegemann


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Kennedy will inspire you. Local was yesterday. Global is your future. You are not only an expert in your region, you have offices on 2 continents. You speak 30 languages and you are able to run searches for your clients in over 50 countries. At the same time: this is bigger than we are. We all determine what Kennedy will be in the future. You matter. You make a difference. And you are needed! Remember: ask not what Kennedy can do for you. Ask what you can do for Kennedy. 

Jorg Stegemann, Founder and chairman of Kennedy/ Managing Partner at Apollo Executive Search Paris

Dave Heilbron


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 Lens, Executive Search has been a partner of Kennedy Executive Search & Consulting since 2015. By joining we are getting more and more assignments on an international level due to our association with this partnership. Being part of a international network does not mean you get jobs through the network only, it also gives you better PR for your organization. I can definitely recommend Jorg and his team if considering joining Kennedy Executive as an executive search organization. 

Dave Heilbron, Senior Partner at Lens, Executive Search/ Kennedy The Netherlands

Caroline Frisenberg


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 Jorg is visionary leader for Kennedy Executive Search and he is constantly working on building and growing the network by carefully considering each new partner to join the network. As a result, we have a highly competent, experienced and very caring group of people that help and support each other in growing our individual businesses both locally and internationally. Since joining Kennedy, I have felt more excited, motivated and empowered than at any previous stage of my career. As partners, we exchange knowledge, experience, best practices and industry news that I could not be able to acquire outside this network. I highly recommend Jorg, CEO of Kennedy, and the partner network that he has built with proficiency and passion. 

Caroline Frisenberg, Managing Partner at Frisenberg J. Associates/ Kennedy Monaco