As a global network of privately owned executive search boutiques, we help people grow and step up in their careers every day. This is what drives us most. However, not everybody has access to the right tools to grow or means to even take the first step on any corporate ladder. And even people in more privileged surroundings often struggle to choose the right career path. With this in mind, several Kennedy Partner offices in Europe, Africa and the USA set aside a day, November 30th, and helped people around the globe by sharing knowledge, experience or their networks. It was the first of what is intended to be a yearly activity.

One of the participating locations was South Africa, home of Evolve/ Kennedy Johannesburg.  They are already doing marvelous work with their impressive charity program Kotula that supports and empowers orphaned and vulnerable children. On Kennedy Cares Day they partnered with NGO Diakonia Aids Ministry to prepare these kids for the working world.

In bordering Zimbabwe, the Norwegian charity Sabona helps the local, often impoverished, population to set up educational projects on both primary and University level. Human Assets Consulting/ Kennedy Executive Oslo partnered with Sabona and hosted a fundraiser on Kennedy Cares Day to benefit the charity’s activities further.

In Czech Republic, Delta Advisory/ Kennedy Prague joined NGO Nadani a dovednosti (Talent & Skills) that helps teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds and orphanages prepare for their future career. Delta Advisory accompanied secondary school students on company visits to organizations like Google, where they saw what their intended profession would be like in real live. Further to this the team at Delta offered individual career coaching, The team of VIR HR/ Kennedy Executive Milan were guest lecturers at a High School in the Italian Alps to help students on the way to their careers. During the classes they taught them how to write resume’s and how to prepare for job interviews. A similar activity took place in Paris. Apollo/ Kennedy Executive Paris hosted interactive sessions at a Polytechnic teaching accounting and business administration students how to write a CV, prepare for job interviews and to set up a professional LinkedIn profile.

Further North, in Denmark, partner office DNA Headhunting/ Kennedy Executive Copenhagen announced their ongoing support to Danske Hospitalklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns). They do so by monetizing the free consults they often squeeze into their schedules. Candidates or others approaching them for a ‘quick coffee’ or ‘chat about their career’ will now be charged with a symbolic amount. This will be fully donated to the Danish charity to support them in putting a smile of the face of hospitalized children. At the same time, they can offer a more structured session to those with career or work related questions to help them progress. A win-win for everybody.

In Budapest, Ikelosz/ Kennedy Executive Budapest, teamed up with the Hungarian chapter of the European Youth Association at Corvinus University. The team of Ikelosz offered economics students a day about trends in the labor market and requirements in employees. Further to this, Ikelosz had face-to-face career consulting sessions of 30 minutes each, for students who want to discuss their career choices and future. Many students took advantage of this opportunity.

Amsterdam, partner office Lens/ Kennedy Executive Search Amsterdam hosted a full day around hiring immigrants and refugees. There were panel discussions with people from business and government and a network event around legalities, degree valuations and preparing for interviews.

Start-ups need help, even in glitzy Monaco, where Frisenberg J. Associates/ Kennedy Executive Monaco, teamed up with MonacoTech, The University of Monaco’s incubator for entrepreneurs. Caroline Frisenberg hosted a workshop for starting companies and their employees to assist them in their online branding. Helping these companies grow will ultimately result in new jobs and opportunities for others.

States side, in Denver Colorado, GMT – 7, Integrated People Solutions/ Kennedy Executive Denver joined forces with Junior Achievement Colorado. This organization is committed to helping Middle School students prepare for their future and the working world.  The team in Denver took over 4 classrooms for a full day at a Middle School where 84% of the students come from underprivileged families or backgrounds.

With Denver, the first Kennedy Cares Day came to a close. But the network plans to organize a similar day every year. Jorg Stegemann, CEO and founder of Kennedy Executive Search & Consulting: “As a network we benefit from sharing knowledge, best practices and connections. With this, we create global value for our clients without loosing local relevance. We all felt that we should put this to use to help not just our clients, but others too. That’s how we came up with Kennedy Cares Day. With this activity, we created a bit of global impact, around the clock, however small it may be. If we do this every year, we can make it really count, so that is precisely what we will be doing.