Right or wrong?

Right Or Wrong: „Headhunters Find Jobs For Candidates“

„Wrong“, er „Right“ er „Not So Easy“… The answer should in theory be „wrong“ as the definition „client“ is in a for-profit context „the one who pays the invoice“. And in executive search or headhunting, this is the hiring company as the service is for free for the candidates. But then, if I wrote it like this, this would be a one paragraph posting. And, more importantly, I would not keep my promise of giving tr
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Right Or Wrong: “Recruiters Advertise Fake Jobs”

Often right – though it is illegal to do so in some countries. Yet , completely made up and neither the job nor the company exist (this is valid for recruiters who work on success fees and who have to build a “candidate pool”). For the last 13 years since I started in this profession, I heard over and over again candidates who complained that when they met their recruiter, the job “was gone
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Right Or Wrong: “If You Are 50+, Nobody Will Hire You Anymore”

This is a tough one. HR Directors and (most) recruiters will tell you that age makes no difference, 50+ people who have lost their job will say the contrary. What is the truth? Are you really professionally finished as a 50+ for a corporate career? Alyssa from the US writes “I think the field of expertise is an important variable, and in some cases, somewhat negates the ageism. For example, my 60-year old broth
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Right Or Wrong: “Chances To Find A New Job Through A Recruiter Are 15%”

My wife told me not to state this number as it might not generate business for me but the contrary. But she also says on many other occasions that I always do what I want anyway so here we go:
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Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Have Access To Candidates You’d Never Meet”

True. Headhunting is not only getting candidates from your competitors. If the headhunter has access to the hidden job market, he also has contact to its’ equivalent: the candidates that are not actively looking.
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Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Are Only For Executives”

False of course. It is not the salary level or the experience but the complexity of the job that will determine whether a headhunter is needed to fill the job or not. If a job is on staff level but Hungarian, Bushman language and a Feng-Shui certification are must-criteria (no, I won’t accept this assignment) this would in theory be a search a company would want to give to a headhunter as chances to fill this j
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Right Or Wrong: “Never Contact A Headhunter Yourself”

Wrong. The proof is that 95% of the executive search firms, even the global top 5 headhunters Egon Zehnder, Russel Reynolds, Heidrick Struggles, Odgers Berndtson and Korn/ Ferry, have an expensive eRecruitment system on their homepage where you can upload your CV.
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