Salary Negotiation: 33 Things To Negotiate Other Than Money

Congratulations! You have mastered the job interviews, left all your competitors behind and enter the final phase of your job search phase: the salary negotiation. What can you expect? A typical salary negotiation is unfortunately very often minimal to inexistent: you will be asked your expectations – and then, an offer is made. A real negotiation, however, does not always take place. Do not underestimate this
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Should You Mention Your Salary Expectations In The Interview?

The answer to this is not so easy even though literature is clear and recommends not to mention the salary when you are a candidate. However, getting the next salary right will have an impact on all the ones to come and be the base of possible pay rises as well as the next job. How was it when you have been hired into your current job? Often candidates are asked their current salary and their expectations – and
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