Peter Drucker

Career Advice From A To Z: “V” For “Las Vegas: 7 Career Lessons From Its’ History”

Some love it, some hate it yet guess what, I learned many things from Las Vegas that can help you for your career. What are these 7 things? Do what needs to be done: Las Vegas has no natural resources. It lies in the middle of the desert and 100 years ago, the population was 800 people (today, 2 million people live here). The Las Vegas approach was always more pragmatic than sentimental (I guess this is how you survi
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Career Advice From A To Z: “J” For “James Bond 007’s Management Tips”

Most techniques you need to survive in intelligence and counter espionnage will not help you to get a promotion or a pay rise when you have a white collar job. But when we look closer at it, it turns out some of James Bond’s skills can help us to become better in our jobs no matter if we are sales consultants or purchase managers. Read on for the 10 most important lessons to learn from 007: Set yourself goals and alw
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How To Be A Good Headhunter

“How to be a good headhunter” is one of the terms that directs most of the traffic to this blog. Here comes my posting about how to be successful in recruitment, based on more than 10 years experience in this industry and after having trained, coached or interviewed hundreds of recruiters from all over the world. Markets may be slightly different from country to country yet the characteristics that make y
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