People skills

Are You REALLY A People Person? Take The 1 Minute Quiz

Superior listening skills, a genuine interest in the other and the aura of a respected leader within our organization are the characteristics that describe you best. YOU are the king/ the queen of hearts in your company! ……… Are you really sure? Take the 1 minute quiz and find out if you are a true people person or not. Every right answer is 1 point, a wrong one scores 0. Quiz: How many kids has the
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Career Advice From A To Z: “I” For “International Experience As Competitive Advantage”

Probably it is the international aspect which is the recurring theme of my vita: my mother is German, my father Czech and I am married to a French. In my career, I have lived, worked and/ or studied in seven different European countries, managed spot assignments all over Europe and parts of Africa and I speak five languages. In a nutshell, what are the 2 key-learnings I can draw from my international experience? 1. P
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