People skills

Why International Work Experience Matters

Is international work experience overrated? Kennedy Executive Search is a network with Partner all over Europe and North America and I talk to executive search firm owners, clients and candidates not only in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Prague but also in many other destinations in Europe, North America, Middle East and APAC. Some of what I hear and experience is very different. Some is
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Are You REALLY A People Person? Take The 1 Minute Quiz

Superior listening skills, a genuine interest in the other and the aura of a respected leader within our organization are the characteristics that describe you best. YOU are the king/ the queen of hearts in your company! ……… Are you really sure? Take the 1 minute quiz and find out if you are a true people person or not. Every right answer is 1 point, a wrong one scores 0. Quiz: How many kids has the
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