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Quintessential LinkedIn Best Practices For Job Seekers And Keepers

There have been several postings on LinkedIn in the past and new ones will come in the future. As Yogi Berra said, “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”. However, it looks pretty possible that LinkedIn will accompany us for the next years of our career. And though the really important people may be not on LinkedIn today as my wife says, they will be there in 10 years (as future leaders wi
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Online Application: 4 Dos And 4 Don’ts

In 99% of any given application process, the online contact will be step 1 – may it be via email, social media or as a response to a job ad. What are the absolute MUST criteria of an online application that will get you the first interview? When I did my research on this topic, the career advice I found says more or less the same. I have a slightly different point of view and structured my posting in “The Art a
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13 Red Flags In Your Resume – And How To Fix Them

Did you ever wonder what we external and internal recruiters check when we decide within 5-10 seconds if your resume is of interest to us or not? Which are the red flags in YOUR resume – the reasons you will not make it to the interview? Here are the 13 most flagrant warning signals we might spot in your CV – and the solution to fix them: Unexplained gaps: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@kennedyexe
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5 LinkedIn Strategies to Uncover the Hidden Job Market

Prior to conducting a job search I was on LinkedIn on a very superficial basis, brushing it aside as something only for people looking for a job. And then quite suddenly, I became a job seeker and LinkedIn became my friend.  One of the benefits of my search was my new found knowledge about how to use LinkedIn. Job seekers often hear about “The Hidden Job Market,” or they are told “networking is essential.” Below are
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Career Advice From A To Z: “O” For “Online Degrees”

Jorg: “Maria, you are a specialist in online degrees. When I did my MBA back in 2003, online learning had the reputation of being a second class alternative to brick-and-mortar. What is the situation today?” Maria: “Reputation, at its heart is a question of trust, and right now, while the entire U.S. collegiate system is receiving scrutiny, we are seeing more people willing to consider alternatives
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Career Advice From A To Z: “L” For 12 Tips From LinkedIn For LinkedIn”

How did it all start? The LinkedIn founders began by inviting a number of their most well-connected and trusted contacts to join their site. In doing so they quickly established it as a place where successful businesspeople go to swap ideas, share information, access business insights and opportunities and do business. As the site continued to grow more features were added to allow members to derive more value from t
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