5 Ways To Become A Better Manager Than Santa Claus

Last year I wrote 5 Reasons Santa Is A Better Manager Than You. Good news: you have become much better this year! Yes, you even have a good potential to become a better Manager than Santa Claus in 2017! Read on for the anti-thesis of last year’s posting and learn how to become a better Manager than Santa Claus: Adapt to new technologies fast: When Santa is going from A to B, he uses a reindeer sledge, and this
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Halloween Special: 4 Points Your Boss Has In Common With A Serial Killer

It is Halloween and time for our special edition! Did you already notice that your boss is a little weird sometimes and often shows strange behavior which you do not understand? A possible explanation is that s/he is a serial killer (though there may be other reasons). Let’s have a closer look at four points a serial killer and your boss have in common: Ethnics: A serial killer: The vast majority of serial killers ar
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5 Reasons Santa Claus Is A Better Manager Than You

Ho, ho, ho – Christmas is near and your year as a manager will end soon. Time to have a critical look at your managerial capacities: what is the one leadership skill you evolved with last year, what was your biggest success this year and what is your greatest deficiency as a people manager? How do you compare to Santa Claus? Santa does not run out of style, he is a charismatic leader, respected authority, he manages
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7 Things A Professional Athlete Does Better Than Your Best Manager

This week’s posting comes from John Tripp, a professional ice hockey player. What has John to do on this career blog for knowledge workers? Well, there are many things he does much better than you or me! Here come seven tips on what we can learn from John to become better Financial Directors, COOs or Accounts Receivables clerks: Passion for what you are doing: Being an athlete, specifically a professional hockey play
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How To Spot The Business Hyenas In Your Team And Why You Should Terminate Them Today

The cheetah, well known as fastest land animal of the world, uses its very specialized skills to reach the highest success rate of all predators hunting alone. It does not need to target old or ill individuals of prey; it can outrun all of them. In the modern business world, we have people similar to Cheetahs. They are called Top-Performers, and their prey is challenging pieces of work. They are completely independen
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How To Be A Good Headhunter

“How to be a good headhunter” is one of the terms that directs most of the traffic to this blog. Here comes my posting about how to be successful in recruitment, based on more than 10 years experience in this industry and after having trained, coached or interviewed hundreds of recruiters from all over the world. Markets may be slightly different from country to country yet the characteristics that make y
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