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How To Be A Good Headhunter

“How to be a good headhunter” is one of the terms that directs most of the traffic to this blog. Here comes my posting about how to be successful in recruitment, based on more than 10 years experience in this industry and after having trained, coached or interviewed hundreds of recruiters from all over the world. Markets may be slightly different from country to country yet the  or in Singapore. Here is m
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Hiring: The Art And The Science

Computerwoche: “For a recruiter it is a routine, for line managers it can be a challenge: hiring a new employee. Mr Stegemann, what are your recommendations?” Jorg: “A bad hire can cost between 2 and 12 salaries and apart from direct costs for the recruiter, there can be a negative impact on team morale, customer retention or productivity to name a few. Hiring is for me an art and a science. Here are my top tips: Rec
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