Lay off

How To Negotiate A Severance Package

Earl Nighingale gave one of the best career advice ever “The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. .” As of a certain level on your career, it is normal to negotiate a departure rather than finding a new job first and then resigning from the old one.  because you had different views on the future strategy, because you had been appoint
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How To Spot The Business Hyenas In Your Team And Why You Should Terminate Them Today

The cheetah, well known as fastest land animal of the world, uses its very specialized skills to reach the highest success rate of all predators hunting alone. It does not need to target old or ill individuals of prey; it can outrun all of them. In the modern business world, we have people similar to Cheetahs. They are called Top-Performers, and their prey is challenging pieces of work. They are completely independen
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Right Or Wrong: “If You Are 50+, Nobody Will Hire You Anymore”

This is a tough one. HR Directors and (most) recruiters will tell you that age makes no difference, 50+ people who have lost their job will say the contrary. What is the truth? Are you really professionally finished as a 50+ for a corporate career? Alyssa from the US writes “I think the field of expertise is an important variable, and in some cases, somewhat negates the ageism. For example, my 60-year old broth
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How To Deal With Getting Fired

While losing your job unexpectedly is never good news, it doesn’t have to be a setback. It can be an opportunity to change directions and find a better career. The day you get fired, you can feel angry, sad and every other emotion that comes your way. On the other hand, you may not even feel so bad about it. After hearing that you’ve been fired, you might be waiting for rage to bubble up or tears to flow,
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How To Fire Someone

Laying someone off is probably the hardest thing for a manager – but it is much harder for the employee. For most people, losing the job has a serious impact on their life as it provides the base to pay rent, dinner etc. A lay-off is often a personal tragedy and should always be the last alternative. It is a very sensitive, emotional and touchy issue and a clear timing and agenda are important. Here are the 3 s
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