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9 Networking Tips From A Networker

While a headhunter is the best way to find a new job (at least for the headhunter), there are other ways. Having a solid network can be one but it can also be a powerful means to get business contacts, share knowledge and keep a competitive edge. Here are 9 networking tips on how to establish and maintain strong connections that will help you in good and bad times: You know more people than you think: Reflect upon wh
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Why Getting Hired Is Not Good Enough

This is a post by my good virtual friends Neil Patrick from 40pluscareerguru and Marcia LaReau from Forward Motion about the question why getting hired is not good enough today. Also check out their career blogs who are two of the three finest career blogs on this planet. “Big data and technology are accelerating the workplace to warp-speeds. Businesses are rising and falling faster than ever. The jobs outlook
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Career Advice From A To Z: “D” For “Don’ts To Avoid When Job Hunting”

In the last 6 years as a headhunter I reckon I’ve seen everything. I am regularly left with my jaw on the floor as candidates, often very senior, manage to blow their feet off for the want of a little thought or pre-planning. Here are my top 8 COMMON recruitment “Don’ts” learned through all too regular experience – you have been warned!
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How To Choose Your Next Job (Checklist/ 6 Points)

This is a crucial one. A bad decision can have a highly negative impact on your resume and career evolution. After all, you seek more responsibility, more money and a better title, right? Here are the 6 questions I recommend to minimize this risk of a false move. And I would only accept a job offer if all points are positive: The Science: What is in for you? If you are in the first 20 years of your career, it should
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