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10 Networking Tips From A Networker

While a headhunter is the best way to find a new job (at least for the headhunter), there are other ways. Having a solid network can be one but it can also be a powerful means to get business contacts, share knowledge and keep a competitive edge. Here are 10 networking tips on how to establish and maintain strong connections that will help you in good and bad times
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Career Advice From A To Z: “D” For “Don’ts To Avoid When Job Hunting”

In the last 6 years as a headhunter I reckon I’ve seen everything. I am regularly left with my jaw on the floor as candidates, often very senior, manage to blow their feet off for the want of a little thought or pre-planning. Here are my top 8 COMMON recruitment “Don’ts” learned through all too regular experience – you have been warned!
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How To Choose Your Next Job (Checklist/ 6 Points)

This is a crucial one. A bad decision can have a highly negative impact on your resume and career evolution. After all, you seek more responsibility, more money and a better title, right? Here are the 6 questions I recommend to minimize this risk of a false move. And I would only accept a job offer if all points are positive: The Science: What is in for you? If you are in the first 20 years of your career, it should
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