How To Answer Stupid Interview Questions – And What They Really Mean

In my career as a headhunter, I have conducted approx 2,500 job interviews myself and assisted to hundreds my clients led with my candidates. Since 2001, I have learned a lot from my clients on clever questioning that brings out the best of the candidates. But I have also heard many stupid interview questions. What is the reason stupid interview questions are asked after all? And how should you answer them? In my opi
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How Many Job Interviews Are Too Many?

The job interview process is probably the most crucial part to a successful hiring. And without successful people on board – from the switchboard operator, over Research & Development and accounts receivables to the CEO – no company will stay in business. Much has been written (including on this blog) on how to master the job interview, both for the hiring manager and the candidate. This is the qualit
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Why Headhunters Are Always Right (Almost)

A headhunter is always right: sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? But it sure is true though. In a way even so one client or another candidate might disagree. However, we are executive search consultants dealing with numerous candidates and clients with different backgrounds, cultures and requirements. As experienced consultants you do need to be spot on – otherwise our advice is not required. We talk to candidates and clie
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Hiring And Dating. Are They Really So Different? Part 2 Of 2

Welcome at the second part of our mini serial by Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at Delta Advisory/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia. In the previous article we got to the first date/ first round of an interview. What comes next? 1. Next rounds Usually people do not get married after the first date. The same stands for employment. And the more mature people are, the more rounds it takes to accept give and get t
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Hiring And Dating. The Same, Just Different. Part 1 Of 2

This week’s posting comes from Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at Delta Advisory in Prague/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia: “Dating and finding a new job: Two completely different things, different life situations, personal life and work. Do they really differ so much or can we find any similarities common to both of them? First of all, they both are relationships. Let’s have a closer look at the
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How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview (Continued)

This weeks’s posting comes from Dave Heilbron, Partner of Kennedy Executive The Netherlands/ Lens & Partners in Amsterdam. “Last week, my French colleague Jorg Stegemann gave an overview on how to prepare for your next job interview. This focused on presentation. I would like to focus on content. So now you definitely have been invited for your next interview. This is of course an honor but does not g
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7 Tips For A Winning Job Interview

Congratulations! With the invitation to your first job interview, you have taken the first step in finding a new job. Based on the skills in your resume, your potential new Manager has decided that you should be able to do the job. Good news: it is now “only” about the personal impression you will make. Here are 7 tips for a winning job interview: You only get one chance to make a first impression: be on
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