Should You Hire That Very Candidate? The 5 Seconds Final Hiring Test

Hiring: I have done it 350 times for my clients and 50 times for myself since 2001! Phone qualification, personal interviews, reference taking – I have seen ’em all. Add personality and motivation tests, role plays or assessments centers for a more scientific touch – I have been there too. Which step is the most reliable one? Or is there a magic bullet, THE final hiring test, the number 1 indicator
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Searching For the Right President

Executive Search is changing and we are increasingly retained to find specialists for our clients. At Kennedy Executive Search, we serve clients on a global scale through our distinct ability to reach candidates anywhere on earth. The world is transforming and many of our clients are seeking innovators, individuals who can lead them through the process of change. For many large corporations, change is imminent and re
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4 Reasons Hiring Is No Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are fascinating generations since their invention around 1766. There is only one solution – the perfect one. Every open position is made for only one piece that fits. For every piece, there is only one position it fits in. No imponderables, no surprises. Hiring is a question of perfect candidates for open positions, and of perfect positions for talented candidates. Isn’t that just another j
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The London Perspective: The Impact Of Brexit For Executive Search

What is the impact of Brexit for the executive search industry? Part 2: My colleague Dave Heilbron recent wrote a great blog post entitled A Brain Drain from London: The Effects of Brexit for Executive Search. In this post Dave highlighted a number of key issues and some anecdotal evidence suggesting that the UK will potentially have a talent exodus on its hands post-Brexit. The issues Dave raised are very real but e
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A Brain Drain From London: The Effects Of Brexit For Executive Search

On 23 June the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Initially a shock for the business world but now a reality. Most of us are coming to grips with this new reality. With the Brexit, free trade and movement of goods and people will be up for discussion and new agreements with the EU will have to be settled. Furthermore, it was reported that many Europeans working and living in London felt
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Hiring And Dating. Are They Really So Different? Part 2 Of 2

Welcome at the second part of our mini serial by Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at Delta Advisory/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia. In the previous article we got to the first date/ first round of an interview. What comes next? 1. Next rounds Usually people do not get married after the first date. The same stands for employment. And the more mature people are, the more rounds it takes to accept give and get t
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Hiring And Dating. The Same, Just Different. Part 1 Of 2

This week’s posting comes from Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at Delta Advisory in Prague/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia: “Dating and finding a new job: Two completely different things, different life situations, personal life and work. Do they really differ so much or can we find any similarities common to both of them? First of all, they both are relationships. Let’s have a closer look at the
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Why Italians Are Like Mobile Phones

Italy is a country of endless resources and at the same time of great contradictions, many of which come from its unique history that also contributed in shaping the culture and personality of the Italian people. Philip Kotler wrote “For the rest of the world Italy is a proper enigma, the most notable among marketing theoreticals – because it is the only country system that manages to produce value despite the situat
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One Thing You Should Know About Hiring And Firing In The Netherlands

Every culture has its own recipe. So does the Dutch culture. Also when it comes to hiring and firing. Here comes what you should know about hiring and firing in the The Netherlands – written by a Dutch. The Netherlands has been quite successful on an economic note for over 400 years. If you look at all the lists, the country, on a global scale,  is one of the largest investors, has one of the lowest unemployment rate
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