How Many Job Interviews Are Too Many?

The job interview process is probably the most crucial part to a successful hiring. And without successful people on board – from the switchboard operator, over Research & Development and accounts receivables to the CEO – no company will stay in business. Much has been written (including on this blog) on how to master the job interview, both for the hiring manager and the candidate. This is the qualit
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How To Tell A Candidate They Did Not Get The Job

Congratulations! You have found the right candidate (male/ female; “he” as of now to make it easier to read) and he has accepted your offer. Your business critical position is filled, you can relax and your overtime will stop. One unsettling thing on your to do list remains: How to tell the other candidate (s) they did not get the job? After all, you have created hopes. You have shown a potential career p
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ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) And Personality Tests: Saviors Or Nemeses Of HR?

  This is a post by my good virtual friends Neil Patrick from 40pluscareerguru and Marcia LaReau from Forward Motion on the use of technology such as ATS (“applicant tracking systems”, a software that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs) or personality tests in the hiring process. Neil: Recently, I’ve been speaking with Marcia LaReau, President of Forward Motion, LLC about the use of
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How To Do A Reference Check

In my career as a headhunter, I have found new jobs for approximately 350 knowledge workers and interviewed thousands of candidates. And all of them saw themselves as above average candidates and often felt they understood both strategy and leadership better than their superiors. Indeed, in 13 years in recruitment Which candidates tell the truth and which ones over estimate their own capabilities? One of the most rel
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Should You Post Your Job Ads Without Text?

This week’s posting comes  from Nico, long time contact of mine and today HR Manager: “My mentor, an experienced recruiter, once called one of his top clients and said ‘I met a candidate who would be a perfect fit for you. You should meet her and try to work out something together!’ I thought he was crazy. He will never be in the position to know the firm as much as the HR department. The job
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How To Make A Job Offer That NO ONE Can Turn Down

Congratulations! After having screened dozens or hundreds of resumes and having conducted numerous interviews, you have found the right candidate for your job vacancy. Weeks or months of hard work come to an end. Make sure you get it right at this critical point of time of the hiring process: one false move can result in a refusal and if you screw it up now, you have to start at zero again (unless you have a back-up
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How To Hire Someone: Checklist (7 Tips)

A bad hire can cost between 2 and 12 salaries and apart from direct costs for the recruiter, there can be a negative impact on team morale, customer retention or productivity to name a few. Here are the 7 questions on “how to hire someone” that help me make better decisions for my customers and for myself. And I hire only when all answers are positive
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How To Spot The Business Hyenas In Your Team And Why You Should Terminate Them Today

The cheetah, well known as fastest land animal of the world, uses its very specialized skills to reach the highest success rate of all predators hunting alone. It does not need to target old or ill individuals of prey; it can outrun all of them. In the modern business world, we have people similar to Cheetahs. They are called Top-Performers, and their prey is challenging pieces of work. They are completely independen
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4 Reasons Hiring Is No Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are fascinating generations since their invention around 1766. There is only one solution – the perfect one. Every open position is made for only one piece that fits. For every piece, there is only one position it fits in. No imponderables, no surprises. Hiring is a question of perfect candidates for open positions, and of perfect positions for talented candidates. Isn’t that just another j
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