Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Are Only For Executives”

Is it right or wrong that headhunters are only for executives, CXO and director level? Read on this posting by Jorg Stegemann, CEO of Kennedy Executive Search and Paul Battye, Partner at Kennedy for the United Kingdom, CEO of Moorlands Human Capital and Practice Leader Finance. The above is… wrong, of course. Several factors determine how we choose our assignments and for which kind of recruitment needs we will
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What Is The Probability To Find Your Next Job Through A Headhunter?

I have been a headhunter since 2001 and believe that the best way to fill a vacancy is to use an executive search firm (especially for the executive search consultant who can send an invoice). But whereas our “fill ratio” is above 90% (meaning that we will get the job done), the ratio for the candidate is far from 90%. What is actually the probability that you will find your next job through a headhunter
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Will An Open Application With A Headhunter Work? Be Resilient And Creative!

Is it worthwhile to send an open application to a headhunter? Will I stand out to be invited to an interview with an Executive Search Firm? Here at Kennedy Executive Search The Netherlands/ Lens & Partners, we are currently doing two Executive Searches at present. Different roles: a Finance Manager and a Manager Category Management. The positions have been presented, without mentioning the clients name, through d
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The Best Reasons To Pay A Retainer To A Search Firm

If you want to be sure to find the best talent in the market available, there are many advantages going through an executive search firm (click here). Especially for the executive search firm. Be careful though as barriers of entry to the recruitment industry are low, the title “headhunter” is not protected and the market is thus very heterogenous. Anyone can run this business with a phone and business ca
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Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Have Access To Candidates You’d Never Meet”

True. Direct search or “headhunting” is not only having someone call employees at your competitor’s with a cover story. If the headhunter has access to the hidden job market (the job YOU as a hiring manager gave us!), we also are in contact to the equivalent of the hidden job market: the “invisible man”, the hidden talent or the candidates that are not actively on the job market. And the
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Career Advice From A To Z: “U” For “How To Use A Headhunter”

Oldies are goldies: I have written the first version of this post in May 2011 and it is one of the most viral ones, being published in print and online by careerbuilder, msn careers, businessinsider, several print media as well as – without my approval – on many obscure sites. Here is a revised version on how to use a headhunter in the most efficient way for your career: Many job-seekers are reluctant to
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How To Get Headhunted

Headhunters have what you don’t have: inside information about your next employer and jobs that will never be advertised. We are watching the job market just like you but the difference is that we do nothing else but this, 50 hours per week and 52 weeks per year. And when we find vacancies, our job is to put the right candidate in front of our client. What can you do to be the one? Here are 7 tips on how to get
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How To Be A Good Headhunter

“How to be a good headhunter” is one of the terms that directs most of the traffic to this blog. Here comes my posting about how to be successful in recruitment, based on more than 10 years experience in this industry and after having trained, coached or interviewed hundreds of recruiters from all over the world. Markets may be slightly different from country to country yet the characteristics that make y
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