Career advice from A To Z: “Y” For “How To Manage Generation Y”

When I was young and “learned working” twenty years ago (I will turn 44 on 22 January. Hey, save the date: I love champagne and executive search assignments, especially in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!), I had to adapt to my superiors. Today, I am the old one and new twenty-somethings are coming along. However, I have the impression that now, we as managers have to adapt and no longer the followers. In th
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6 Tips For Your First Job Search As A Graduate

Congratulations, you made it! You completed your degree or are about to and then you will hold your diploma in your hands. With the end of your studies comes the beginning of your work life. Are you ready to jump-start your career? If you are in the middle of this crossroad, it can be scary, exciting, confusing, overwhelming or all of the above. Following are some steps to make a successful college-to-real world tran
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