How To Ace A Phone Interview @Forbes

Congrats: you have already been identified as „interesting“ and are not one of the 85% of all candidates and résumés inhouse and external recruiters receive who dont respond to the job specs. Take my job as a headhunter for instance: in a typical search assignments with at least 100 or more candidates, I identify the 15 that interest me most and call them. Out of these 15, I then invite five to seven and finally pres
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Easter Special: The 6 Best Ways To Find The Next Job @Forbes

Oldies are goldies – and classics are timeless: This week is about the best way to find the next job (my post on Forbes with 115k views so far). And guess what? Actually, your next job is not as far away from you as you think: Just as the easter eggs when you were a kid! Remember when you ran into your parent’s garden xyz years ago? You know the chocolate eggs were there but you did not know where! Findin
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Is Your Job Honeymoon Over? (Forbes)

No job is as wonderful as it seems when we interview for it, or as terrible as it appears to be on the worst day at the office. In fact, we go through cycles in a job, just as we experience life cycles, as I noted in my last Forbes post, “Six Signs You May Be In A Dead-End Job”. Understanding where you stand in the 7 Phases Of The Job Life Cycle can help you better manage your career and identify the right moment to
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Career Advice From A To Z: “K” For “Knowing When It’s Time To Quit”

Sticking to a job that hinders you to advance can be as bad for your career as leaving. Your job is not to play the violin on the Titanic until the bitter end – and sink with the ship. And recruiters and hiring managers will not only scan your resume for your competencies but also for ‘red flags’: changing often (interpretation=”candidate is unstable”) can be as negative for your next career step as not changin
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7 Things A Headhunter Won’t Tell You (Forbes)

Love us or hate us, at one point of time during your career you will need us. We have what you do not have: inside information from the job market and the knowledge of jobs that will never be advertised. Our goal is to match you with a job. Choose and use us wisely and we can be a catalyst for your career. Read on for my guest posting on Forbes “7 Things A Headhunter Won’t Tell You”: http://onforb.e
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