Six Reasons Your CV Is Not Good Enough

As executive recruiter many people have asked me, if I could check their Curriculum Vitae (CV or “resume”). I get requests from top executives to specialists. Not surprising as everyone has their own opinion about structure, number of pages, design, etc. Over the last 8 years I have seen thousands of CVs and every time I am surprised with the enormous amount of differences. But what is the best CV? What s
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What I Have Learned From (Not) Reading 50,000 CVs

In my career, I have received approximately 50,000 resumes (obviously I did not read them. Otherwise I would have no time to write this posting!). The reality is that I take less than 1 minute on the resumes I receive. And I am in good company: Research says that the average recruiter spends 6.25 seconds per CV before deciding “this one is not for me”. The CV is thus the worst ROI in your job search strat
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Why Headhunters Are Always Right (Almost)

A headhunter is always right: sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? But it sure is true though. In a way even so one client or another candidate might disagree. However, we are executive search consultants dealing with numerous candidates and clients with different backgrounds, cultures and requirements. As experienced consultants you do need to be spot on – otherwise our advice is not required. We talk to candidates and clie
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13 Red Flags In Your Resume – And How To Fix Them

Did you ever wonder what we external and internal recruiters check when we decide within 5-10 seconds if your resume is of interest to us or not? Which are the red flags in YOUR resume – the reasons you will not make it to the interview? Here are the 13 most flagrant warning signals we might spot in your CV – and the solution to fix them: Unexplained gaps: It is OK to have a gap in the resume – if the explanation is
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