How Much Time Should You Spend On Your CV/ resume?

How much time did you invest in your CV? Let me guess: 20 hours? 30? More? In my job as a headhunter, I have heard up to “50 hours”. Bad news for you: recruiters (human resources or external recruitment consultants likewise) spend on average 5 seconds on your Curriculum Vitae before deciding to give you a “no”.  Why do we spend so much time on something with so little impact? : the CV and cove
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13 Red Flags In Your Resume – And How To Fix Them

Did you ever wonder what we external and internal recruiters check when we decide within 5-10 seconds if your resume is of interest to us or not? Which are the red flags in YOUR resume – the reasons you will not make it to the interview? Here are the 13 most flagrant warning signals we might spot in your CV – and the solution to fix them: Unexplained gaps: . PROBLEM: If we don’t understand its reason immediately, we
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Career Advice From A To Z: “R” For “7 Resume Best Practices”

In my career, I have read thousands of resumes, but the truth is that I take less than 1 minute on the resumes I receive. And the latest number I read on the average time a recruiter spends on your resume is 5-10 seconds! Another reality is that I have never seen any resume where there could have been improvements. Here are my top 7 resume best practices that will help you to make it the first interview: When writing
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Career Advice From A To Z: “N” For “Never Lie On Your Resume”

It’s a tough job market, and when the stakes are high – and attached to your livelihood – lying on a resume can seem worth the risk. Recent college graduates can be especially tempted to fib on their first resumes as they face the dreaded experience hurdle to qualify for jobs. Neil Gaiman, blockbuster author from the UK, confessed that he lied on his resume to gain jobs as a freelance writer. Though he was never caug
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