Why International Work Experience Matters

Is international work experience overrated? Kennedy Executive Search is a network with Partner all over Europe and North America and I talk to executive search firm owners, clients and candidates not only in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Prague but also in many other destinations in Europe, North America, Middle East and APAC. Some of what I hear and experience is very different. Some is
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Career Advice From A To Z: “J” For “James Bond 007’s Management Tips”

Most techniques you need to survive in intelligence and counter espionnage will not help you to get a promotion or a pay rise when you have a white collar job. But when we look closer at it, it turns out some of James Bond’s skills can help us to become better in our jobs no matter if we are sales consultants or purchase managers. Read on for the 10 most important lessons to learn from 007: Set yourself goals and alw
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