Career Advice From A To Z: “T” For “Career Transition”

I have interviewed Dr. Mary Anna Wright, Vice President of the International Coach Federation Ireland Chapter on the topic “career transition”: Jorg: “As a recruitment consultant, if people talk to me about career transition, I say it’s very difficult. The wish for transition is one prior reason why people see Coaches. What’s your view?” Mary Anna: “The truth is pretty much anything is possible. One of th
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Career Advice From A To Z: “C” For “Career Coaching”

It might be a newbie to the recruitment field, but career coaching is gaining ground as the ‘must have’ for any serious job hunter. For those who haven’t experienced it, coaching can be hard to fathom. Career coaches are not career advisors. Coaches don’t tell, they ask. They also listen, sometimes provoke, and often challenge. But one of the tenets of coaching is that our client probably knows the answers – if
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Career Advice From A To Z: “A” For “Application Strategy”

This blog will enter a new era: one posting every Monday (thanks to Bill, Cornell, David, Darain, Maria, Martin, Mary Anna, Mike, Stephanie, Victor and if YOU want to become a guest writer too, please contact me). We kick off the week with “Application Strategy” as number 1 of the new series “Career advice from A to Z” which will keep you interested and me busy for the next months: Applying ca
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