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9 Steps To Get A Promotion This Year

New year, new luck. 2017 is your year and it is time to move on, internally or externally. Here at Kennedy Executive Search and in all markets we serve, we see that companies have difficulties finding the right talent. And in a booming market, retention also becomes more important. Retention? Sure. And what does your employer do for you to stay? Where do you stand today in your career (see my posting on Forbes on the
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The One And Only New Year’s Resolution You Should Make

12 fresh months lie ahead of us and we can start on a blank page. Time to fix all the mistakes from 2015 and an opportunity to overcome our shortcomings and become a better human being. What are the new year’s resolutions you have made? Let me guess: more fitness, less work and an overall better work life balance? But hold on: statistically, only 8% of all new year’s resolutions are ever achieved and most
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How To Choose Your Next Job (Checklist/ 6 Points)

This is a crucial one. A bad decision can have a highly negative impact on your resume and career evolution. After all, you seek more responsibility, more money and personal growth, right? Here are the 6 questions I recommend to minimize this risk of a false move when it is about the question how to choose your next job. And I would only accept a job offer if all points are positive: The Science: What is in for you?
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Work Hard, Live Better: Work Life Balance Exists

This is a post by Rob Hornman, Hotelier, Motivational Speaker and Founder of IGNITION as well as Partner at QUO. Formerly, Rob was CEO of World Hotels AG and VP at Sofitel Luxury Hotels: “About three years ago I was heading home on a Friday night after another busy but rewarding week. I had left a bit earlier than usual as we were having dinner plans with the family. Hitting the roads early resulted in me endin
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