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Four Ways Not To Be A Career Ostrich

Knowing when to change jobs is tricky. I was with my previous employer just shy of 20 years which was 4-5 years too long. I was financially comfortable where I was although I was emotionally uncomfortable and apprehensive to look for a job. By Tuesday morning, I was worn out as if it was Friday. In many respects, I was an ostrich with my head in the sand hoping it would get better. 4 things I wish I had known 5 years
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6 Steps To Shake Up Your Career

Deciding to quit your job may seem easy. Reasons are plenty – from organizational pain points and personal relations, to need of accomplishment or general dissatisfaction. Can it be remedied by changing job? And is it really the right way to shake up your career? Naturally the immediate step is to start browsing job boards, activate friends and contacts, and get in touch with headhunters. But, while it might be
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Career Advice From A To Z: “P” For “Do You Want To Get A Promotion This Year?”

Whilst hiring may not be on the radar screen of all companies, retention and the development of human capital almost always is. The last one is for you and here is how to make sure you will be in the next promotion round: Analyze the status quo: a) Do you have a competitive profile (be critical and realistic yet ambitious with yourself)? b) Is a promotion possible in your organization? c) Do you have a strong boss wi
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Is Your Job Honeymoon Over? (Forbes)

No job is as wonderful as it seems when we interview for it, or as terrible as it appears to be on the worst day at the office. In fact, we go through cycles in a job, just as we experience life cycles, as I noted in my last Forbes post, “Six Signs You May Be In A Dead-End Job”. Understanding where you stand in the 7 Phases Of The Job Life Cycle can help you better manage your career and identify the right moment to
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Career Advice From A To Z: “K” For “Knowing When It’s Time To Quit”

Sticking to a job that hinders you to advance can be as bad for your career as leaving. Your job is not to play the violin on the Titanic until the bitter end – and sink with the ship. And recruiters and hiring managers will not only scan your resume for your competencies but also for ‘red flags’: changing often (interpretation=”candidate is unstable”) can be as negative for your next career step as not changin
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Career Advice From A To Z: “C” For “Career Coaching”

It might be a newbie to the recruitment field, but career coaching is gaining ground as the ‘must have’ for any serious job hunter. For those who haven’t experienced it, coaching can be hard to fathom. Career coaches are not career advisors. Coaches don’t tell, they ask. They also listen, sometimes provoke, and often challenge. But one of the tenets of coaching is that our client probably knows the answers – if
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Career Advice From A To Z: “A” For “Application Strategy”

This blog will enter a new era: one posting every Monday (thanks to Bill, Cornell, David, Darain, Maria, Martin, Mary Anna, Mike, Stephanie, Victor and if YOU want to become a guest writer too, please contact me). We kick off the week with “Application Strategy” as number 1 of the new series “Career advice from A to Z” which will keep you interested and me busy for the next months: Applying ca
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How To Choose Your Next Job (Checklist/ 6 Points)

This is a crucial one. A bad decision can have a highly negative impact on your resume and career evolution. After all, you seek more responsibility, more money and a better title, right? Here are the 6 questions I recommend to minimize this risk of a false move. And I would only accept a job offer if all points are positive: The Science: What is in for you? If you are in the first 20 years of your career, it should
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Right Or Wrong: “If You Are 50+, Nobody Will Hire You Anymore”

This is a tough one. HR Directors and (most) recruiters will tell you that age makes no difference, 50+ people who have lost their job will say the contrary. What is the truth? Are you really professionally finished as a 50+ for a corporate career? Alyssa from the US writes “I think the field of expertise is an important variable, and in some cases, somewhat negates the ageism. For example, my 60-year old broth
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