6 Things You Should Do After The Job Interview

The job interview is over and all you can do now is sit and waitWrong!

There are quite a few things that you can do after the interview to increase your chances to get the job and to impress your potential new employer.

These 6 strategies have proven to be effective follow-up methods.

  1. Show that you are interested: If you really want this job, then don’t keep it a secret. Speak up once more towards the end of the interview to let the employer know that you’re really interested in the job. Then before leaving the room, find out what will happen next. Will there be a second interview? How soon is the company looking to fill the position? With questions like these you show your enthusiasm and commitment
  2. Lay the ground for further contact: Of course you don’t want to come on too strong, but if don’t keep in touch with the interviewers afterwards, they may think that you’re not interested any longer. In order to avoid that, check with the employer whether they are fine with you contacting them a few days later and when you should do that. Also find out which method of contact they prefer
  3. Know when to stay calm: When the interviewer told you to call the company one week later, you should respect his wish. If you’re still making the call on the next day, you could seem pushy and desperate
  4. Send a personalized thank-you note: Send a follow-up e-mail to each of your interviewers within 48 hours, in which you thank them for the interview. This is a good way to show appreciation and of course to bring yourself back into their minds. You can also state how your accomplishments and knowledge fit the company’s needs that were discussed during the interview or you can mention further achievements that didn’t get discussed
  5. Keep researching about the company: Be prepared for further interviews or phone calls from the company and do further research about the company and the industry. Also find out more about things that you spoke about during the meeting. You may also come across further questions that you would like to have answered when meeting again or talking with them on the phone. This will tell the hiring manager that you kept thinking about the company and the job and that’s always a good sign
  6. Accept job rejection gracefully: In spite of everything you did and tried you may still get rejected. So if someone else gets hired, keep your emotions in check and don’t show how disappointed or even angry you are. Don’t burn bridges because you never know what the future holds. The company might have a similar open position soon and then they could remember you and contact you again

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Jorg Stegemann
Jorg Stegemann - Headhunter, Certified Coach and Business Writer - is the Managing Director of Kennedy Executive Search. Apart from running our company blog, he writes for Forbes, BBC and other media.
  1. Karen Reply

    Good Advice. Learned something today. Thanks.

  2. Edward Stokes Reply

    Jorg –

    Good career blog. You’re doing a great service in writing these different articles. They are most interesting and beneficial.


  3. Renée Reply

    I was reminded today to send a thank you letter/note to the hiring people even after they chose another person for the job – #6. I like your points in #5 and can use the additional information as part of the follow up or checking on status etc.

  4. Bruno Reply

    These are really good advice, thanks for the tips. It is indeed important to keep a good feeling within the company, whatever the outcome is.

    • Jorg Stegemann
      Jorg Stegemann Reply

      Thanks, Bruno. I agree: it is a small world and we always meet the same people…

  5. Aidan Barrett Reply

    Very sound advice, would seem obvious but not always. It’s a very small world out there and you never know when another opportunity may present itself.

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