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Gender Pay Gap – Are We Done With It In 2017?

Gender pay gap: are we finally done with it? What do we hear and see when talking to the Kennedy Partner offices in Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Monaco, Paris and Prague? This posting, number 1 of a series of 3, comes from Wilma Rossieau from Lens/ Kennedy Executive Search The Netherlands. In Europe, the overall salary in 2015 of women was 16,9% below the salary of men. In manage
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Valentine Day’s Special: Your Job. Still A Love Story?

My colleague Mirka from Prague has written what job search and interviews have in common. And indeed career management and love work – or don’t work – for the same reasons. Or not? Let us break down the different phases of a relationship, ugh, I mean your job: First love: The first weeks in the new company. You have high expectations and feel highly energized. It is so much better here than with you
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Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Are Only For Executives”

Is it right or wrong that headhunters are only for executives, CXO and director level? Read on this posting by Jorg Stegemann, CEO of Kennedy Executive Search and Paul Battye, Partner at Kennedy for the United Kingdom, CEO of Moorlands Human Capital and Practice Leader Finance. The above is… wrong, of course. Several factors determine how we choose our assignments and for which kind of recruitment needs we will
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9 Steps To Get A Promotion This Year

New year, new luck. 2017 is your year and it is time to move on, internally or externally. Here at Kennedy Executive Search and in all markets we serve, we see that companies have difficulties finding the right talent. And in a booming market, retention also becomes more important. Retention? Sure. And what does your employer do for you to stay? Where do you stand today in your career (see my posting on Forbes on the
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5 Ways To Become A Better Manager Than Santa Claus

Last year I wrote 5 Reasons Santa Is A Better Manager Than You. Good news: you have become much better this year! Yes, you even have a good potential to become a better Manager than Santa Claus in 2017! Read on for the anti-thesis of last year’s posting and learn how to become a better Manager than Santa Claus: Adapt to new technologies fast: When Santa is going from A to B, he uses a reindeer sledge, and this
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You Have A Plan B. But What Is Your Backup After Plan A?

“Plan B”: The most legendary of all plans. The last hope for many leaders in risky situations. It’s not easy to catch. Most of the times someone says “We need a Plan B” or hopefully asks “What is our Plan B”, it just means “We are in serious trouble”. If you run a risky business, and you have no contingency plan, then you are in real trouble. The benefit of a second plan in case the first one fails is bey
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Halloween Special: 4 Points Your Boss Has In Common With A Serial Killer

It is Halloween and time for our special edition! Did you already notice that your boss is a little weird sometimes and often shows strange behavior which you do not understand? A possible explanation is that s/he is a serial killer (though there may be other reasons). Let’s have a closer look at four points a serial killer and your boss have in common: Ethnics: A serial killer: The vast majority of serial killers ar
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The London Perspective: The Impact Of Brexit For Executive Search

What is the impact of Brexit for the executive search industry? Part 2: My colleague Dave Heilbron recent wrote a great blog post entitled A Brain Drain from London: The Effects of Brexit for Executive Search. In this post Dave highlighted a number of key issues and some anecdotal evidence suggesting that the UK will potentially have a talent exodus on its hands post-Brexit. The issues Dave raised are very real but e
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A Brain Drain From London: The Effects Of Brexit For Executive Search

On 23 June the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Initially a shock for the business world but now a reality. Most of us are coming to grips with this new reality. With the Brexit, free trade and movement of goods and people will be up for discussion and new agreements with the EU will have to be settled. Furthermore, it was reported that many Europeans working and living in London felt
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Quintessential LinkedIn Best Practices For Job Seekers And Keepers

There have been several postings on LinkedIn in the past and new ones will come in the future. As Yogi Berra said, “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”. However, it looks pretty possible that LinkedIn will accompany us for the next years of our career. And though the really important people may be not on LinkedIn today as my wife says, they will be there in 10 years (as future leaders wi
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