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The London Perspective: The Impact Of Brexit For Executive Search

What is the impact of Brexit for the executive search industry? Part 2: My colleague Dave Heilbron recent wrote a great blog post entitled A Brain Drain from London: The Effects of Brexit for Executive Search. In this post Dave highlighted a number of key issues and some anecdotal evidence suggesting that the UK will potentially have a talent exodus on its hands post-Brexit. The issues Dave raised are very real but e
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The Second Month In The New Job

Here comes number 2 of our series of postings that will examine what happens in the head, heart and soul of a candidate during the first three months in the new job. Victor (see mini bio here below) who has told us 4 weeks ago how he did in the first month will answer to 5 questions after 4, 8 and 12 weeks which will allow us to compare what has changed on the way. Our journey through the integration period continues
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A Brain Drain From London: The Effects Of Brexit For Executive Search

On 23 June the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Initially a shock for the business world but now a reality. Most of us are coming to grips with this new reality. With the Brexit, free trade and movement of goods and people will be up for discussion and new agreements with the EU will have to be settled. Furthermore, it was reported that many Europeans working and living in London felt
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The First Month In The New Job

This week, we kick off a series of three postings that will examine what happens in the head, heart and soul of a candidate during the first three months in the new job. This pretty much compliments my posting “The 7 Phases Of The Job Life Cycle” on Forbes a while ago. Yet while that was theory, we talk about practice today and will have a close look at the mental roller coaster a candidate like you or me
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Quintessential LinkedIn Best Practices For Job Seekers And Keepers

There have been several postings on LinkedIn in the past and new ones will come in the future. As Yogi Berra said, “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”. However, it looks pretty possible that LinkedIn will accompany us for the next years of our career. And though the really important people may be not on LinkedIn today as my wife says, they will be there in 10 years (as future leaders wi
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How To Recruit To Succeed: Blasting Through The 3 Big Asset Management Road Blocks

This week’s posting comes from Paul Battye, Finance Practice Leader at Kennedy Executive UK and CEO of Moorlands Human Capital with headquarters in London, UK: Asset management businesses love to think that what makes them money is recruiting talented fund managers with skill, setting them loose on a portfolio and then selling that portfolio to the market in some form. Alas, in the modern market, it is not that
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What I Have Learned From (Not) Reading 50,000 CVs

In my career, I have received approximately 50,000 resumes (obviously I did not read them. Otherwise I would have no time to write this posting!). The reality is that I take less than 1 minute on the resumes I receive. And I am in good company: Research says that the average recruiter spends 6.25 seconds per CV before deciding “this one is not for me”. The CV is thus the worst ROI in your job search strat
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Why Headhunters Are Always Right (Almost)

A headhunter is always right: sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? But it sure is true though. In a way even so one client or another candidate might disagree. However, we are executive search consultants dealing with numerous candidates and clients with different backgrounds, cultures and requirements. As experienced consultants you do need to be spot on – otherwise our advice is not required. We talk to candidates and clie
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Hiring And Dating. Are They Really So Different? Part 2 Of 2

Welcome at the second part of our mini serial by Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at Delta Advisory/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia. In the previous article we got to the first date/ first round of an interview. What comes next? 1. Next rounds Usually people do not get married after the first date. The same stands for employment. And the more mature people are, the more rounds it takes to accept give and get t
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